Four Wives DROPPED from Basketball Wives: LA

Finally! What took so long? Today, TMZ reports that four wives will be cut from next seasons show: Malaysia, Laura, Gloria, and Brooke. Although I’m a fan of Malaysia’s, this cut is perfect for the show. TMZ reports that the shows producers are cutting these four “wives” from the show for not showing their whole reality. The catalyst was when Gloria flew to Las Vegas to marry Matt Barnes and didn’t tell producers.

I get that people want to keep some things private, but the question still begs to be answered: “why come on a reality show saying that you will be exposing your life?” We could all have a reality show and become celebrities if we only wanted people to see certain parts of our lives. I would be the most perfect little angel 😉

We have never even seen Laura or Malaysia’s husbands/fiances/baby daddy’s/exes/claim to fame on the show. That’s not fair to the other women, on this show or others, who put it all out there, and honestly.

Just makes you think, what do these women have to hide?


The UpperCut Heard Around the World

About a week ago, I was shown this video by some family members. The video is extremely graphic in nature, so please view it with caution.

Watch the video after the jump!

Am I The Only One Who Gets Teresa Giudice?

As you all know, I am an AVID Real Housewives of New Jersey watcher! I have been from the very beginning. I remember the first season airing and I was studying abroad in Greece for the summer. I stayed in the local coffee shop for HOURS to download (on iTunes) the episodes I was missing.

RHONJ Scoop…

I stumbled upon this comment at Reality Tea, and thought it might interest my readers.

#RHONJ Dina n Caroline FEUD FACTS: The BrownStone is owned by Caroline’s husband and by Dina’s husband. YET the SONS’ Albie and Chris are hawking – BrownStone Sauce…… makes you wonder if this is the other business deal Dina is pizzed at Caroline for??


George Zimmerman’s Wife Charged with Perjury

Shellie Zimmerman, 25, wife of George Zimmerman, was released on $1,000 bond. George Zimmerman has been charged with the second degree murder of Trayvon Martin. Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester revoked George Zimmerman’s bond on June 1 and stated in his ruling that the Zimmermans lied about how much money they actually had.

An arrest affidavit for Shellie Zimmerman said that records show in April she transferred more than $85,500 from her bank account into her husband’s account. The affidavit also said that jail call records show that George Zimmerman instructed her to “pay off all the bills,” including an American Express and Sam’s Club card.


Houston, We Have A Problem! Chad Holley Officer Acquitted

On May 17, 2012, a jury in the city of Houston, Texas, acquitted Andrew Blomberg, a former police officer for Houston’s Police Department, of the beating of teenager Chad Holley. It is important to note that Blomberg is White and Holley is Black.

Holley was escaping the scene of a burglary when he tripped and fell to the ground in a surrendering position. It was at this time that several police officers, including Blomberg ran to Holley to place him under arrest. Blomberg along with several other police officers then used severe force to effectuate the arrest of Holley.

Blomberg can be seen on the video around the 7 second mark. He is the officer at the top of Holley’s head kicking him repeatedly in the head and the back as Holley lay defenseless on the ground in the surrendering position.


Are Bravo Producers Trying to Set Teresa Giudice Up to Fail?

It’s starting to look like it! During the filming of Season 4’s Real Housewives of New Jersey, the housewives filmed a scene at friend to the housewives, Kim D’s home. Now you may remember that Kim D started filming with the show in Season 2 as Danielle Staub’s friend and the owner of Posche clothing store. In the current season, she is seen to be very close friends with Teresa Giudice and enemies with the other four housewives.


Thank You!

Want to Thank you all our readers once again! We have been SUPER busy lately (ALL GREAT THINGS WE PROMISE) and have not been able to blog/update as we would like. But we are so grateful that we still have such a loyal fan base!

More to come soon!

MUST READ: Teresa Giudice Gives the TRUTH About Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile; Melissa TRIES to Rebut (FAILS)

Finally finally finally. Teresa puts these “women” in their place. She doesn’t curse or call them out of their name, but she does give the truth!

Teresa writes today on her blog at


Basketball Wives: I’m OUT!

I’ve gotten many questions about why I have not written about Basketball Wives lately. Short answer: I cannot stand the direction the show has gone. No longer is it about a group of “friends” who are/were married to basketball players and letting the viewers see the lives they live. Now, it’s about hoodrat women fighting each other because they want to be thieves or because another woman said something about them or not to them. Is this really what reality tv has gotten to? We have to watch these nasty women gang up on each other or watch each other fight?

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